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Asa Softball Texas

If you're hunting for an unique softball association pin that will remember you by, this is the pin for you! The Asa gold tone enamel collectible is excellent for any softball fan or collector.

Asa Softball Texas Walmart

The pin is manufactured of softball iron and is white enamel, the tower is black enamel. The pin is beautiful and makes a fantastic addition to each softball team, this is a beautiful, 50-year-old Asa softball that is enameled on in a toned enamel sports Texas style. The ball is overall a good condition with only a few small marks and some minor wear, the ball is potentially in excellent condition with no any blemishes. This is a valuable ball for any Asa tee-ball ames events! The 1993 tasco softball team pin is an unique collectible pin from the Texas force under 15 Asa club, the pin is vintage rare and is built to a very small scale. It is only one of a few hundred bequeathed to the club from the 1993 game in san antonio, the pin is created by tasco and is dated 1993. Asa softball Texas the Asa softball girls from houston, texas, are vintage rare team, this team is composed of 1996 players, and is considered a top-notch operator. They have appearance and batting skills, which is important in today's softball league, the renegades, as they are known, are lower-level team in the Texas asa. Their home field, the pins at the current time, is a beautiful right field stand.