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Demarini Diablo Softball Glove 14

Make your hand-to-hand competition even more exciting with this 14-inch Demarini Diablo softball glove, it's an unrivaled hand-to-hand match for right-handed players. The gloves have arics-n-grit technology that improves grip and control, and because the gloves are soft to the touch, players will experience a sudden increase in energy.

Diablo Softball Glove

The Demarini Diablo 14 baseball softball Glove is a high-quality Glove that will help your hand during the season, it is produced from high-quality materials and it will provide you with excellent results. The Diablo 14 baseball softball Glove is basic to hold and facile to throw, so you will be able to make excellent decisions when playing softball, the Demarini Diablo 14 Glove is a softball Glove that is designed to help your throwing hand in any game. The Demarini Diablo 14 Glove grants a blue color and is manufactured of high-quality materials, making it a splendid substitute for enthusiasts who crave to have a first-rate hand in a game, this Glove also comes with an 14-ounce weight, making it straightforward to hold your gloves and make the most of your throwing performance. The Demarini Diablo 14 softball Glove is a top-rated right hand throw Glove that will help keep you hands and feet warm while you're playing softball, this gloves have a soft surface that will help reduce pain and wetness, and the throw is dirigible with the hand. This Glove is manufactured to help you with ball throwing with your left hand, it presents a comfortable fit and offers a thin material that will not cause any pain when you use it.