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Easton Stealth Speed Softball Bat

The easton stealth speed ssr4b 2 piece softballi. Biz fastpitch softball bat is the perfect bat for those who want to get up to first in the softball game. It is made from a durable and sturdy softballi. Biz wood frame, with a softails case, for comfort. The bat has aspeed of 400 yards per second and is equipped with an easton speedlube softail. It also includes an easton softail (or equivalent) for increased power and control.

Easton Stealth Speed Softball Bat Ebay

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Easton Stealth Speed Softball Bat Amazon

This bat is designed for right-handed players. It is made of hard-shell material with a soft case. The bat has a black ground and has a red band. The bat has two sets of cutouts on the top and bottom. The bat also has a red and black handle. this is a rare easton stealth speed ssr3b fastpitch softball bat. It is a 3121 and comes with a rare asa hot tip. This bat is perfect for any softball game. the easton stealth speed softball bat is a great condition bat that is perfect for a fastpitch softball team. This bat is crafty small but still has a little power for making some power grounders. The bat is also small enough to fit in a hand bag. the easton stealth speed fp11st9 is a fastpitch bat that is designed to give your softball game jump. It is made of dura-tite plastic and has a lightweight design that makes it easy to move. It is also prefuse lead-time and temperature-regulated, which makes it perfect for fastpitch games or innings.