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Quicksilver Softball

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Quicksilver softball is a unique softball team that is vintage and florida-made. The team has a 16-u players and is based in jax, the team's colors are vintage pin jax and they are playing softball to raise money for charity. thequicksilver® softball collectors' pin is perfect for young women who love to play softball. It has the usual quicksilver features, including a soft-gripboard material that feels great in the hand. The pin is made of high-quality sandstone and has a small design error, or mistake, that is hidden inside. It is still a beautiful softball piece. the 2001sarasota fl. Quicksilver girls fast pitch softball collectors pin is a great way to show yourquiksilver fandom! This pin is made out of durable silver plated materials and will represent your team's good looks and bats power. looking for a softball game in jax? look no further than the softball game at jax softball complex! This complex has several different types of softball games, including a vac softballi. Biz game, so you can find the perfect game for your needs. Plus, quicksilver softball offers a unique style that will make your experience special.