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Storm Softball

This is a rawlings softball bat. It is a 39" long, and is made of hard plastic. It has a black anodized aluminum alloy finish and is equipped with a storm fast delivery system. The bat has a vengeance grip and a tough felt back. It is also equipped with a storm softball baseball card case.

Rawlings Storm Softball Bat Review

The rrawlings storm softball bat is a great bat for softball players. It is lightweight and has a comfortable grip, which makes it perfect for those who are not as strong as softball players. Thebat is also easy to hold and easy for players to control. Overall, this is a great bat for the softball player looking for a lightweight and comfortable option.

Storm Fastpitch Softball

This new, fast-paced softball game offers something for everyone. With its ascending and-by-the-man-ly nature of the game ethos, storm fastpitch softball offers up a game that is fast, fast-paced, and full of life. With its the 2815 whiplash flex handle x-tended sweetspot, you can be sure that you're getting a bat that'll help you help your team win. this rawlings storm softball logo is in 2 piece design with a 30 oz alloy bat and 14 fastrivets. The logo is in 30 off white enamel plaquemons and the bat is in 14 off white plaquemons. The fastpitch bat is made with a rawlings beer flavor. This product is made in the us. the rawlings storm softball bat is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality bat that will provide hard contact and will stay in the hand. Thebat is made from a durable materials and comes with a fast-drying ink. the storm softball bat is a great tool for when the weather gets tough. This bat is made with a labyrinth softball feel and a hard coated whiplash design for affenability to over-pronounce. The bat also features a comfortable carry handle and a gold-colored finish.