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Weighted Softballs 11 Inch

The markwort Weighted softballs will help you with your throwing skills! They are 11 inches in size and will fit most devices, the leather cover makes them resistant to los weight, and the throwing training aids make sure you are able to successfully throwing the balls.

Weighted Softballs 11 Inch Ebay

This Weighted softballs is a first-class surrogate to add a little extra weight to your games! The set comes with an 12-inch softball, 11-inch softball, and 8-inch baseball, all softballs are Weighted at 10 ounces so you can add a little extra weight to your games. Markwort is a dried head of it is a dried, Weighted softballs that is top-of-the-line for use other games, this softball renders a bright green color with an 11-inch size. It Weighted softballs are beneficial addition to each game plan, the colorful used division 10 ball. This markwort softball weight set is a first-rate surrogate to provide value in your football game, the set includes 9 10 and 11 oz. Balls, each with a design inspired by a world geography region, the balls are Weighted so the over-the-air felt and leather feel comfortable and loud on your field. Plus, the fact that the balls are Weighted for fast balls means they will rise and fly high, the markwort 12-inch softball Weighted set 9 10 11 and 12 oz. Markwort softballs are top-notch for any softball game or tournament, they are Weighted so that all players have an equal chance of winning. This set comes with a ball, case, and guide.