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Worth Wicked Softball Bat

Worth! Is a company that specializes in selling quality, new products, this new softball Bat is right at the top of their line and will be an unequaled addition to your team. Get your softball team some hardware this season.

Senior Softball Reviews

The senior softball Bat is a new model from wicked, it is an 34 oz. Metal hardwood Wicked Bat made by it is a medium size for large power and presents an 26" diameter, the Bat is covered with sparkles and presents a green and red stripes down the sides. The overall design is Worth while it is strong, heavy, and provides a good searching design, the Bat is not that straightforward to hold and makes a lot of noise when you hit it. The 2022 Worth Wicked xl is a softball Bat that is full of value and wickedness, it provides a heavy steel head that is designed to deliver maximum power to your softball games. Additionally, the xl size is top-of-the-heap for larger Bat enthusiasts, as it features a size and size of its own, whether you're a small or large player, this Bat is sure to help you up. This Worth Wicked softball Bat imparts a slow-pitch softball look and feel, it is 2 nd generation slowpitch softball Bat from this Bat is 14-point black silver and features a logo. The Bat is gcc-certified and comes with the matching case, the Worth Wicked softball Bat is a valuable substitute for suitors who wish for a sturdy and lightweight softball bat. The Bat is sensational for playing softball or baseball, it is a slow-dowel Bat that makes it straightforward to control and hit hard balls.